Disney Songs

We are hosting a party for Erik’s high school friends tonight and Erik got in a deep cleaning mood. It’s so lovely when he does this because he recruits all the little boys and gets them scrubbing the walls, mopping the floor and cleaning the baseboards. To add to the fun we turned on the “Happy Little Working Song” from Enchanted. If you haven’t seen Enchanted you really need to, if only for the scene of the vermin helping Giselle clean the apartment.

There are, I kid you not, at least 40 teenagers in our basement right now. I finally have the party house I’ve always dreamt of. Gabriel went down and sang “Sha la la la, don’t be shy…” from The Little Mermaid to Ben and Mary. He is a merciless tease, but I don’t think Ben minds too much.

December 28, 2007