“Could we just do my pictures without a shirt?” Hans offered half-joking.

And truly, only half joking, because my boy has been the incredibly-growing-Hans these past months. Happily, Hans is just as sweet as he is strong; just as smart as he is funny. It’s unusual to find Hans in anything but a good mood. Here’s his attempt at frowning:


Hans trivia:

The first of my children to really know what he wants to do, Hans is set on med school. He’s passionate about genetics and cell structure and all kinds of things that he tells me about and I nod my head and pretend to understand.

A voracious reader, Hans consumes dozens of novels a month, but he never misses reading the scriptures.

Grandpa Fritz is his hero because he’s so happy.

Honey or Nutella? He’ll never be able to decide which is better on toast.


He worships his older siblings and adores the younger ones.

As a little boy, Hans was dangerously allergic to nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, etc. He’s completely outgrown all of his allergies (though like a true nerd he has glasses and an inhaler).

Speaking of glasses, Hans has one of the strongest prescriptions I’ve ever seen. He can’t find his own feet without contacts.

And speaking of nerds, Hans owns it. Call him a nerd. He’ll agree.


Converse. Always.


OK, maybe one photo of those guns.

it’s not that we are into long hair; I’m just terrible about getting haircuts scheduled

Lucky enough to share a birthday with this gorgeous girl, Hans danced his birthday away at her quinceanera.


I’m absolutely in love with this tradition; I’ll write a post on it soon (along with about thirty other backposts I need to get to!).


The Latin culture knows how to celebrate fifteen, but the rest of us? Ben put it best:

Do you know what turning fifteen means? It means everyone is going to start telling you how close you are to being sixteen. “Just one more year and you’ll be driving and dating and smoking.”

Maybe not smoking.

Anyway fifteen seems to be a countdown birthday. But don’t make it that way, enjoy fifteen because it’s a great age. You have so many good qualities that I could tell you about, but really the best one is that you are you — Hans. You are the perfect package of Hans and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I hope you have a good birthday. You know I wish I could be there. I’ll be thinking of you all day on the 18th. Have a fabulous day and enjoy being fifteen, not almost sixteen.

Love, Ben

November 13, 2011
November 20, 2011



  1. Azúcar

    November 20, 2011

    First of all, Hans looks SO GROWN UP! When did that happen?!

    Second of all, I cannot wait to see more pictures of that quinceanera! She looks lovely and the party looks like a blast.

  2. Dovie

    November 20, 2011

    I’m always a reader but have become seldom commentor. I am trying to reform in appreciation of all the blogs I so enjoy.

    I loved this, what a wondeful boy you’ve got. One of my children is like that, knowing where they were headed from the start, well two of them actually. I know they’ll get there.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Tracy

    November 20, 2011

    Happy 15 Hans!!! He has grown and changed so much.

    I love his long hair. And his guns.


  4. Blue

    November 20, 2011

    I told Gator “you don’t get guns like that by playing video games” 😉

    Fifteen was definitely it’s own celebration at our house. Not quite as fancy as a quincenera, but I didn’t think people would jive with trying to pull one off, you know, being that we’re not Latin 😉

    I didn’t realize Bunch and Hans were only a week apart in age! He’s always been a darling and we love all your kids. Happy birthday to the man of the hour! ♥

  5. Rachelle

    November 21, 2011

    Happy birthday, Hans! And, welcome to the gun show. :o)

  6. Cath

    November 21, 2011

    Wise words from Ben. And handsome Hans – Happy Birthday! You are full of light. And I loved your mother’s insights into your personality. The Quintscenera looks like it was a blast! Loved seeing Hans out there – the only blondie. Can’t wait to hear more about it! love you M.

  7. Lisa

    November 22, 2011

    Best wishes to my birthday buddy Hans! I loved the photos of the quinceanera, what a stunning party and a wonderful tradition I agree!

  8. Claudia

    November 23, 2011

    Happy birthday handsome blue eyed Hansie! How lucky to have your mom capture you at that age. The party looks like it was a blast! Fabulous pictures. Can’t wait to see and read more about it:)

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