first birthday at home in three years– Happy Birthday Stefan!

As much as I enjoy making birthday videos for my sons on their missions, it’s much more fun to celebrate them in person. And I know in future years, Stefan may live in Russia or France or who knows where else, but at least I’ll be able to call him on his birthday. Few things wear on a mother’s heart more than not speaking to your child on the anniversary of the day they came into the world.

We’re not usually this formal for birthday parties at home, but we were all attending a wedding reception for two of our favorite people (happy wedding day Sam & Emma!)

Gabe gives the best birthday hugs.

And Mary gave Stefan all her Christmas chocolate. Only a few things were opened….

Pretty sure being married to Heather made this his best birthday yet.
After the wedding reception, the party began.

Keeping your shirt buttoned is just too much work for Xander.

Very serious about fire around here.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Stefan blew out his own candles. The trick? Don’t wait til the end of the song, just blow them out the second everyone starts to sing.

We love you Stefan. We love your silliness, your stories, your kindness and patience. And we especially love having you home.

March 11, 2016