flower crowns– make your own

It’s no secret I love flower crowns. OK, I  may be kind of slightly obsessed. But they are so beautiful and so simple, I thought I’d offer a quick tutorial.

With an investment of less than $5, you can make a dozen crowns and once you learn, you’ll want to use them for May Day, birthdays, photos, Easter, Thanksgiving dinner or just for fun.

First, we venture out into the garden. Even on November 15th, with snow flying we were able to find a few last blooms. tiny sprigs of lavender,


and the last of the roses.

Gather your supplies: floral tape– about $1, and paper wrapped floral wire– $3, (you can find these at any craft store– they even carry them at my grocery store in the floral department), scissors and flowers (I bought one of the $3.99 bouquets at Trader Joe’s). In the spring and summer, you don’t even need to buy flowers. And even now– the outdoors is full of treasures. We might make a leaf and berry crown for Thanksgiving.

Next, measure out a piece of wrapped wire. Flower crowns come in two distinct styles: a crown, where it rests on top of the head, or a headband, where you tuck the wire under your hair. Headbands don’t require as many flowers and are easier to keep in, but some occasions call for a full crown. Happily, both measurements are about the same, so you can change your mind halfway through. Err on the side of too large rather than too small– you can always put a small twist in the wire later to make it smaller.

Twist the ends together

and wrap with floral tape.

Now you’ll want to behead all the flowers. You know how little kids like to cut blooms on 2″ stems? It’s perfectly acceptable here.

A beautiful mess.

Next, cut several strips of floral tape. You’ll be glad later when you’re fumbling to hold stems in place.

I usually start with the largest blooms. Just gather two or three in a little corsage and wrap the floral tape around the stems. Don’t worry about getting it right– it’s always right. Use your innate creativity and just add one bloom after another.

You might want to try it on once or twice during the process just to see if you like it.

Keep layering until you feel like you’re done. I should have taken more photos, but this crown was honestly less than 3 minutes from start to finish and I kind of forgot to stop.

But you should definitely stop to admire it when you’re done.

See the snow flying?

 At our May Day party I made each crown to order– each girl chose her flowers and directed the design. Can you imagine how much fun these would be for a birthday party, flower girls at a wedding or senior photos?

Or, for absolutely no reason at all.


November 10, 2014
November 18, 2014


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  1. Linda

    November 17, 2014

    Lovely photos. Great tips.

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