Gabriel at 14

Almost everyone expressed sympathy to Gabe for sharing his fourteenth birthday with Stefan and Heather’s wedding.

Don’t be fooled. He was spoiled with attention all day long. Sweet girls delivered bagels and a balloon for breakfast, Kit and Kevin brought him his own little cake at the temple, Stephanie slipped a KitKat in his pocket…

Perhaps the best description for Gabe at fourteen– and always — is ‘good natured.’ He’s practically the definition of the phrase. Cheerful, funny, enthusiastic, he thinks the best of everyone and forgives quickly and often. I just went back and read my birthday tribute to Gabe at age seven.  Baby Bear now sits on a shelf by his bed and he’s too big to curl up in my lap during family prayer, but in essence, he’s still the same. My darling, much-taller littlest boy, who loves his family more than anything and laughs harder and longer at every joke.

When else but a wedding can you spend your entire birthday with your favorite people, eating cake all day…

acting silly with your brothers,

lounging about,

looking good,

getting doted on by lovely girls,

and friends,

dancing with the cool kids and

resting up on shoulders for a rousing verse of “Happy Birthday to Gabe!”

a fabulous birthday cake

and siblings who will happily take it in the face for you,

while you look like the mature one

even while playing with sparklers

and wearing flower crowns.

It was a good day.

Happy Birthday Gabriel! We all love you.

January 17, 2016
January 24, 2016