Gabriel at 18


It feels like a good time to walk down memory lane a bit and enjoy a few sweet baby Gabe photos of the past. In many ways, he’s exactly the same(minus baby bear)– always laughing, genuinely kind, obsessed with books and Star Wars, still playing the viola and singing loudly, skiing and riding his bike at every opportunity.

Gifted with genuine kindness, he’s the kid who shrugs off offenses and freely offers forgiveness. Gabe constantly and genuinely works on improving himself. He’s diligent about prayer and scriptures and attending the temple (and is genuinely sad that he’s not asked to speak in church), he took the ACT over and over until he had a perfect ACT superscore (hooray for Gabe!) and he’s constantly acquiring new skills.

We’re simply savoring this year. In just a few weeks he’ll turn in his mission papers and sometime this summer he’ll leave for two years. Let’s not think about that. For now, we’re just enjoying his daily cheerful presence.

Happy Birthday Gabe! We love you so.

January 20, 2020