Ah, Gabriel is constant entertainment. I was tucking him in last night and he said, “I am mad at you for something.”


“I just saw you hugging and kissing dad and you love him more than me.”

We mommies know better than to get into any discussion that involves more than/less than comparisons so I just gave him a hundred kisses.


In Primary they talked about giving Jesus gifts for Christmas. All the nice little children talked about “love, kindness, sharing.” Gabriel raised his hand and said, “I know what to give Jesus– a disco ball!” (Really, you need to see Gabe’s disco moves as he says this to catch the true hilarity of the moment.)


This morning I was tackling little Mary to put her hair in pigtails. It actually looks like she has hair if I put it up and tie bows in it. Gabriel queried, “Why don’t you wear your hair in piggies mom?”

So, I did. And you can see why I don’t leave the house like this. 🙂

Since toddlerhood I ‘ve been trying to get Gabriel to wash his hands. He has never seen the need for it and often when grabbing his hands I can feel the colonies of bacteria expanding. But two weeks ago they talked about hand-washing at school. Gabriel has been converted. He is now the hand-washing police and happily informs us of all the benefits of proper hygiene. His darling teacher taught him to sing the ABCs as he washes his hands and to use lots of soap. So now I am serenaded several times a day with Gabriel singing “A B C E F G…” in full opera style. And yes, the sink and counter are coated with lots and lots of soap.


Gabe is at the age of questions. He is constantly asking me for definitions and explanations. –What does “come in handy” mean? Why didn’t you stop at that stop sign? (oops!) At Mary’s dance class today Gabriel noticed all of the empty handicapped parking spaces. Thus ensued a long discussion about all the different handicaps a person can have and why they really do need reserved parking. “Are blind people handicapped mom?”

“Yes, most people would call blindness a handicap.”

“Well really, I don’t think blind people should be driving at all!”

December 3, 2007
December 10, 2007