A few funnies :)

There have been a lot of happy Christmas preparations in that last few days. The kids are using their Christmas money to buy socks and lotions for the refugees so their gifts to each other need to be homegrown. Xander came to me the other day with a little rocket that he loves. “Would this be a good present?”

“Of course.”

So he dismantled it and wrapped it in 5 different packages. He was shocked when I told him that was NOT a good idea. Mary also got into the gift giving spirit and found all sorts of little dollies, used art materials and chocolate to wrap up (she drug a kitchen stool into my closet and pulled Dove chocolate out of my sock drawer– the girl knows about my stash). Here is how the wrapping paper looked after she used it:

And here is the floor after she had finished:

During her search she also found some hair clips that make lovely earrings. 🙂

Erik neglected to cover the fountain before it snowed so he set up a big heat tent for it. He has sleeping bags and heat lights under there. Whenever I take something out of the oven he runs it out and puts it under to fountain to provide more heat. We had a fountain crumble one year because it was uncovered so Erik is smart to be worried. After all this hassle, I have a feeling he’ll be covering it in August next year.

Another cute pic– Gabriel knows that a racetrack is useful for much more than just cars.

And a few sweet pictures of Gabe and Mary.

December 3, 2007
December 10, 2007


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  1. Ashli S.

    December 10, 2007

    so glad you found me….i tried finding yours without any luck. i love your writing style and think you make mothering so real!
    p.s. curious about the sl refugee link? tell me all about it!

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