Going Public!

OK, the dates are all a mess on the last several posts because for less than a week I toyed with having two blogs: this blog– private and basically a family journal, and a public blog– funnier, fresher and with less detail. Well, I realized that I wasn’t really funnier and fresher and that I really don’t want to keep up two blogs. After all, writing is like weeding and calling old friends– the best time is when you have the time.

It didn’t take me long to decide to combine the two and simply take the plunge and go public with this one. I really don’t have a lot of worries about my swimsuit photos and wild adventures circulating on the internet. :0)

It’s Monday again and the house is of course a mess again, but this is the big day— all six kids are at school and I have a few hours to myself. So it’s a big decision– do I give the house such much needed cleaning? Do I make a detailed list and go to the grocery store? Do I crawl into bed and take a nap?

I could really use a nap. I went to bed at the fairly responsible hour of 11 p.m.(if you consider the fact I get up at 5:20 a.m.). But I woke up at about 3:30 a.m. and noticed the lights blazing in our bedroom, the kitchen and upstairs. I called upstairs and sure enough Erik was sitting outside Mary’s bedroom reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He came to bed 1/2 hour later when he had finished the book.

Erik came late to the Harry Potter books. I loved them from day 1 and have spent my share of nights laying on the closet floor to finish just one more chapter before bed. The boys are crazy about them. Ben and Xander have read them all twice and Hans and Stefan have read most of the books a half dozen times. But Erik regarded them as kid stuff and simply watched the movies half-heartedly. After the 7th book was released this summer(which I too sat up all night to read) he was drawn into the magic. The boys and I discussed non-stop the Christian themes and life lessons throughout the series and the fact that the 7th was a complete Christian parable.

He read one book and then another. Erik takes the dreaded Mary-duty every night. After everyone else has gone to sleep he sits outside her room and guards the door. She jumps on her bed and yells and finally goes to sleep about an hour after everyone else(this is why we are DONE with babies). Erik uses the time to read. He flew through the first four, discussing them vigorously over breakfast with all the boys, and then went a little more slowly through 5 and 6. He tried to pry information out of all of us, “Is Dumbledore really dead?” “Is Snape a good guy or a bad guy?” But we remained strong.

I caught him badgering Hans on the way to soccer but Hansie came right back with, “Dad, I can’t tell you. You have to read the book.”

So when Erik picked up book 7 Saturday night I knew he would be lost to the world. He came up for air occasionally to eat, go to church and exclaim, “This is amazing, this is thrilling! What a fantastic book!” I left him alone yesterday– I do have sympathy for obsessed readers. I invited him to come on a walk, but could see in his eyes his need to READ.

As a gesture of kindness I left the kitchen light on and his bedside lamp on when I went to bed. But he never stirred from his post outside Mary’s room– not until he had finished. I do recommend Harry Potter– it’s a fantastic read. I look forward to reading Deathly Hallows a second time; but happily I know the ending and won’t have to stay up all night again!

September 17, 2007
September 18, 2007