Monday Morning Recovery

There’s not a single pen in the house. In a Sunday afternoon fit of boredom the boys created bows and arrows out of ball point pens. The casing paired with an elastic band served as a bow and the ink cartridge as the lethal, poisonous arrow. Xander posted little targets up all over the house until they decided to set up little plastic soldiers and battle over a wooden castle. All five boys and Mary spent the better part of the afternoon engaged in battle.
That’s how Sundays go at our house. In theory we should be out visiting the sick and cheering the elderly but after 3 hours of wrestling kids at church(and a full Saturday of soccer games, chores and teenagers over till midnight) Erik and I are exhausted. We feed the kids a lunch of chocolate chip pancakes and collapse to nap or read– rising only to apply bandaids and break up fights. Free from friends and TV for the day the kids play together. At 15 1/2, Ben spends most of his time on sports, homework and friends but on Sunday afternoons he is on the floor playing like the kid he still is. tying each other up is another favorite Sabbath activity….
But all this Sunday joy leads to a huge Monday morning mess. I know most people dread Monday morning but I love sending 4 of them off to school and putting my house back together. My big goal is to get our huge kitchen island cleared of debris and wiped down– this usually takes several hours and is only clean for a few minutes but those few minutes of cleanliness are so very lovely.
September 16, 2007
September 17, 2007