a wild night

We knew Keith Urban was coming in concert, we knew we wanted to go— but tickets cost a lot of $$ and weekday concerts are not practical for mommies– so we pushed it out of our minds. But Celia happened to be downtown Tuesday afternoon and the sight of the semi-trucks at the Delta Center inspired her to call me.It didn’t take more than two sentences to talk me into it. We made our plan– leave Relief Society early and buy tickets from scalpers downtown. Erik would watch my kids and Ben would watch Celia’s.We were giddy with excitement and thrilled to see dozens of scalpers as we pulled up to the Delta Center(OK, it’s the Energy Solutions Arena now, but who wants to call it that?). We haggled with them through the car window and settled on a price of $25 per ticket. Since the lowest price for tickets was $45 I was thrilled. “Wait.” Celia said. “The warm-up act is over and Keith has already started. Let’s park the car and by the time we get back they’ll be selling tickets for $10.”Five minutes later we strolled up the sidewalk; confident, happy and with $20 bills in hand. But there were no scalpers– none. They had sold all the tickets in the few minutes we were gone. We didn’t know what to do but we had come too far to give up and go home.Circling the building we examined our options. It seemed impossible. We didn’t have enough money to buy a box office ticket, the concert was in full swing and every door was guarded. Finally with the help of a cowboy, a toothless smoker, a homeless man and a sweet door attendant in a wheelchair we got inside. The concert was halfway over but we landed fantastic seats and danced and laughed and cried through the rest of the concert. It was beautiful. Celia was pretty much drooling over Keith but she’s a single woman and fully allowed to do that. I’m lucky enough to have my own gorgeous hunk waiting at home.

I’m not proud of sneaking in and I would never do it again but at least I can put off being a boring old mom a little bit longer. And oh my goodness, go check out the song Keith wrote for his wedding, “Got it Right This Time.” Maybe I can redeem myself by inspiring someone to buy his new album.

September 9, 2007
September 17, 2007