Sunday, September 9th 2007

Has it only been a week? It seems like 2 since last Sunday. Monday was Labor Day so after laboring around the house we went up to the Oktoberfest at Snowbird. It wasn’t all that exciting but at least we took a few pictures. Ben is finally taller than me– hurray!

The kids also had Tuesday off from school. It was a totally ridiculous day to have off. I was done with being fun and the kids really needed to get back into the school schedule.

Blessedly, school started again on Wednesday. For Gabriel it was the first day of kindergarten. He was happy and excited and not scared in the least. He put on his school uniform w/o complaint and ran happily into school. Baby Bear waited patiently at home for him.
Friday was Mary’s first day of preschool. She was anxious to go all morning but fell apart while eating her lunch before school. She was screaming and yelling and spilled her milk on purpose. I scolded her and said that was very naughty. She stopped screaming and said, “Remember what you told me this morning?”


“You said you loved me.” Ahh, I do.

“So you need to sit next to me while I eat my lunch.” I sat down and dried her tears and fed her lunch and listened to her chatter. My life is so crazy busy that I rarely take time to just sit with her. Maybe she will be happier if I just sit with her more.

She was happy and proud to go to school a few minutes later. With her school bag flung over her shoulder and her little shoes squeaking she walked down to the school. My baby, my last baby going off to preschool.
But it was pretty anti-climatic because Stefan came home from Jr. High 15 minutes later and the whole afternoon craziness began. So much for my free, childless hours…

Mary modeling a pettiskirt– these are about the only things that sell in my store.
Erik fixing the garbage can Friday evening. It was really hot!

Stefan, Hans and Xander dressed as dementors and terrorizing the house Saturday night.Kit, Kevin, Ryn and Elle came over to say goodbye today. They leave for France in the morning. It’s heartbreaking to see them go.

September 2, 2007
September 16, 2007


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