Oh yes, Halloween was ALL about the baby. We’ve been dreaming, brainstorming, planning, practically since last Halloween about dressing up in family costumes revolving around baby Fritzie. We discussed a Star Wars theme (he could be baby Yoda), Wizard of Oz (Fritzie as Toto), Batman (no idea why– Xander just wouldn’t let it go), and so many others.

One day in August, Sammie and Madi came up with the same idea– Gnomes!

And once you get one gnome in the garden, they multiply quickly.

peeking out from under mushrooms…

attracting admirers on every side.

I had to laugh at how many people ate dinner with gnome hats on (surprisingly comfortable).

We did nothing special for trick-or-treaters– just a bowl on the front porch– but admired those with candy chutes and candy gardens.

Chocolate chip cake for Heather’s birthday– Xander ate the cake stem, but replaced it with this ingenious solution.

It’s such a year, isn’t it? But we have each other. Everything we need and more.

Happy Halloween to you and yours. Sending you love.

October 30, 2020


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  1. Anne Marie

    November 16, 2020

    Totally amazing costumes!! The gnome idea was brilliant. And such a cheery, whimsical theme for this zany year. Completely perfect

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