Happy Birthday Heather!

Years ago, I was having a really hard day at church. The kind of day where you can’t stop crying and you try to duck out before anyone can see. 

Later that day, I received a beautiful text from an unknown number saying essentially, “I love you and I’m sorry you’re hurting.” I’d felt so alone and so invisible and her kind words helped me understand God could see me and others could see me and truly loved me. The writing was so kind and wise and full of empathy I assumed it was from one of the gracious octogenarians in our congregation. 

It was weeks later, when I realized that beautiful text came from Heather. Stefan was still on his mission, she had no ulterior motive. She just saw someone hurting and reached out to help.

And that’s the essence of Heather. She is goodness and graciousness and kindness and empathy. She is the shoulder to cry on, she’s the person who will always ask about your day and give a hug without any hesitation. 

This isn’t where she thought she’d be this birthday. They certainly never thought they’d be living in our basement this year. But she is such a blessing to all of us. Smart and kind and so full of love, she’s taught at least half of us to like quinoa and all of us to be just a little bit gentler, just a little bit kinder, to show just a little more love. ❤️

Happy birthday Heather! We adore you. ❤️🎃🎂

October 25, 2020
November 2, 2020