Hansie’s home!

July 12, 2017



  1. Michelle

    July 6, 2017

    Few things make me more emotional than missionary homecomings — not only because I’m the mom of a soon-to-be missionary, but because coming home from my mission was one of the most amazing, emotional, unforgettable days of my life. I remember feeling conflicted on the plane, waiting with one of the elders until everyone else had left, because I knew that once I walked through that doorway of the airport, things would NEVER be the same.

    But walking through that door was the most incredible rush. (Back then, families could greet you at the gate. So much more fun. Durned security issues.) I remember my mom’s hug like it was yesterday. I remember my brain not being able to process how much my baby sister had grown and grown up. I remember still feeling like I should be talking to everyone in the airport even as there was nothing like being in the arms of my family.

    I also am so grateful for the friend of my mom’s who counseled her to just let me talk as much as I needed to, because after that first week, things will change. The mission will already become a fading something and home life will take its necessary place. I know you are old hat at this, but I still cherish that wisdom and will hold it in my heart for important crossroads of my kids’ lives.

    Welcome home, Hans! And good job, momma. I hope these next weeks are sweeter than sweet. Love you.

  2. Anne Marie

    July 12, 2017

    SO much love!! SO much joy!! Welcome home, Hans! I absolutely loved seeing the pictures from his mission. So much Christlike goodness emanating from your son. What an amazing family you have raised! You all care for each other so much. That is crystal-clear. Sending you all the best as you embrace your loved ones this summer. xox

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