Oh, it hurts, it physically hurts to read of the death of sweet baby Jack.


We didn’t want it to be this way!! I had such a hope of seeing Roger pull up on his tractor a few summers from now proudly balancing a red-haired boy(dressed head to toe in U of U red)and laughing for the sheer joy of it all. Jack would have shown us his scar and we would have talked of those scary days when he was a baby and we worried so much about him.

But now sweet Jack is in heaven enjoying a happy reunion with loved ones. I imagine he is prepping his siblings for their adventure on earth, “Go easy on mom and dad! They are so wonderful and I was so hard on them. So no colds, no broken arms, nothing, OK?”

Neal Maxwell often said that at the end we would look back on our lives and say, “Ah, it was all exactly the way it was supposed to be!” I take great comfort in that.

Sarah and Darren were so wise to create a blog where we could all read about baby Jack. It saved them from having to detail his condition to everyone they met and gave us the chance to be a part of his short life. Sadly, I have seen many friends bury their babies. The ones who open their hearts to others are able to heal, grow and give away a little piece of the pain to everyone who sorrows with them. We all want to take away some of that pain for people we love.

For now, the family’s arms are aching for a baby they didn’t get to hold enough. Even when their arms are filled with other children they will still have a bit of a broken heart just like baby Jack. We all pray for that bright Millennial day when Jack will be with his family again and all our hearts will be healed.

October 18, 2007
October 20, 2007



  1. StubbyDog

    October 21, 2007

    Oh Michelle, I’m just sitting here crying. It hits just a tad close to home here, since I have my own baby Jack that was born a mere 2 days after your friends’ son.

    I am so sorry for their loss.

  2. Mama

    January 3, 2008

    Michelle, you made me cry! Darn it all. I cannot stand the heartache. Once you are a mama, every baby is yours, and every mama’s heartbreak is your own. Please hug that mama for me.

  3. Bonnie

    March 16, 2008

    That’s so sad! I wish every person could hold on to their baby longer than that, but as Jack’s father (I think) said, “It was meant to be!”

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