Last night Gabriel showed me his “Super-duper, Superman” method of running across the room and leaping into his bed. Not to be outdone, Xander did a run, jump and flip into his bed– resulting in a bump into the wall.

I red with Gabriel for the next 15 minutes. He has been reading the same easy readers for at least 9 months. I rotate them a lot to keep him from memorizing them, but they still get awfully boring. So after he reads “Max the cat set a trap for the bad rat. The bad rat sat. The cat sat and sat….” I read him a revised version of all the invisible words that he can’t read yet. “Max loved the rat with all his heart. He set a trap so that he could hug and kiss the rat all day long.”

Gabriel laughs and laughs no matter how silly my story is and then we sing a song and I kiss him goodnight.

After Gabriel I tuck Xander in. He reads to himself so it’s a much shorter process. As I knelt by Xander’s bed he said very quietly, “Mom, will you look at something?”

He pointed to the wall where his head had thunked earlier and there was a rather large indentation, even better was a large white crack running down the wall. Uh oh!

Minor damage like that is no worry if you plan on staying in a house– we probably wouldn’t fix if for a dozen years, But we are thinking again of selling the house, so it immediately made me feel a bit stressful. I haven’t actually mentioned the incident to Erik so I guess this is how I’ll find out if he really reads this blog. 🙂

Moving is just way too much work with 6 kids. But 6 kids also cost way too much money so we really need a less expensive house. What to do, what to do?

October 16, 2007
October 19, 2007



  1. Michelle

    October 22, 2007

    Darn kids!

  2. Erik

    October 22, 2007

    Actually I said that. Being the technologically challanged sort that I am I just figured out how to create my own account.

    The wall can be fixed easily enough. If we move I might even just leave it for the next happy family of head bangers. They will probably repaint anyway.

    The dent in the wall just goes to show that It is always better to just enjoy the talents of others instead of trying to one-up them. Michelle keeps encouraging me to write my own blog, but I think I will just keep enjoying hers.

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