Hello, I’m in Hungary

 with Erik and my beautiful friend, Noémi.

What am I doing here? It’s a good story…

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I only have iPhone photos for now, but I promise to add more later. 

Shortly after Thanksgiving I received an email from darling 21 year old Kereki Noemi (Hungarians say their last name first). One sentence in her email stood out, “I would appreciate if you could give me some advice where to start learning about Mormonism.” Hans was sitting beside me as I read Noémi’s words out loud and we both jumped with excitement.

Few words could be sweeter. I love my faith; I want to share it with everyone I meet because it makes me so happy. But religion is tricky– I never want to push my beliefs on someone or tell them their beliefs are wrong. I have a deep and abiding respect for all who live their faith and I believe religions can learn from each other. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from other faiths, especially Judaism, Evangelical Christians and Catholics.

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Rarely, ever so rarely, does someone ask about Mormonism and I could scarcely wait to share.

Everything we sent Noémi was accepted with enthusiasm. She could hardly believe the church has missionaries in Hungary ready and willing to visit her, “But they are so far from home! And Hungarian is such a difficult language.” A baker and chef, Noémi stirred up goulasch and rolled cookies for the young elders. Every time she wrote to me, she expressed gratitude for the missionaries and their amazing work. As a mother of missionaries, her words were manna to my soul.

As Noémi continued learning and studying and asking lots and lots of questions, the answers made sense to her. The gospel does make sense. Everything in the church supports the family and families provide the greatest joy.

The members in Budapest wrapped their arms around Noémi– answering questions, inviting her to events, providing true friendship. At our house, she became like a member of the family– exchanging letters and gifts and birthday cards; sharing in our joys, worrying over us during illness, sharing Hungarian recipes (delicious!).

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Yesterday was her birthday, tomorrow she’s getting baptized. We had to come.

Meeting her in person is like visiting a city you’ve only seen in tour books and finding it more charming and interesting than you’d ever imagined. She is a light– truly a beautiful soul. As her mother says, “She is an angel.”

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April 12, 2013
April 16, 2013



  1. Linn

    April 13, 2013

    Oh Michelle, this made me cry! Thank you for sharing.

    Noémi, I am SO VERY happy for you! Like Michelle, this gospel is, along with my husband and children, the greatest blessing of my life. What fabulous joy! I have rarely seen someone exude so much light in photos. It must be amazing to meet you in person. Good luck and best wishes in all that is ahead!

    With great happiness for you, Linn

  2. katieo

    April 13, 2013

    Congratulations, Noémi!!! I hope it is a beautiful day!!

    Made me cry as well. (as per the usual with your blog, ha!)

  3. katieo

    April 13, 2013

    I just saw the mugs!! love it!!

  4. Anne Marie

    April 13, 2013

    Congratulations, Noemi! Wishing you all the best. You have such a beautiful soul and lovely face. So happy for you.

  5. jen

    April 13, 2013

    that’s awesome that you’re there!!!

  6. Tracy

    April 14, 2013

    Seriously so awesome that you are there. What a wonderful celebration. xoxo

  7. Mom's Blog

    April 14, 2013

    Another connection, Michelle. My daughter-in-law says she knows you through Waterford. Her kids attended there before their family moved to Heber. Felsted Nővér

  8. lawdy

    April 16, 2013

    Beautiful. Happy, happy day!

  9. Chris Taney

    April 16, 2013

    Carrying the Banner across the world. The internet provides amazing opportunities!


  10. Lisa

    April 16, 2013

    Noemi is just so beautiful inside and out. The light within her soul simply illuminates. What a lovely whirlwind experience this must have been for you. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Raluca

    April 16, 2013

    Wow! Thanks God for beautiful people like you!!
    ( And you are so close! A little extra trip and you are in Romania 😉 )
    Kisses from Brasov!

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    April 24, 2013

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  13. Mads

    May 6, 2013

    This is a beautiful story with a beautiful daughter of OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. I am so happy for her. I love the gospel also.

  14. Cindy Call

    May 7, 2013

    I just told my(Returned Missionary) son that I had met his future wife! Hahaha. What a joy it will be for any mother to welcome you into their family!!

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