“Hey, that’s my Dad!”

Mary and Gabriel were exceptionally happy this morning. They always enjoy Monday mornings when the big boys clear out and they can play in peace. I made new box houses for them over the weekend. Mary’s is a lovely cottage and Gabriel’s is a rocket ship which he insists must lay on it’s side. They hauled the houses upstairs and traveled from room to room chatting and collecting treasures. Only later did I notice that they each had a pack of Ritz crackers in their boxes and Hansel and Gretel-like were creating a trail all through the house.

They were so happy together that Mary moved all her bedding, her baby cribs and her pajamas into Gabriel’s room and announced that she was now sharing a room with Gabriel and Alexander. Her room and all her toys could be used for the next baby. 🙂 This is not an announcement– the next baby is all in Mary’s mind. I would love another one but Erik is convinced it would kill me; he’s probably right.

Erik made reading flash cards for Gabriel last night and I just had to stop and go through them with him. I am very good about teaching kids the simple words but Erik always makes them branch out and learn the hard ones– Mary’s favorite flash card is SNORT; she provides beautiful sound effects.

Ben just brought home his first term report card. It’s a 4.0! And all 4s in citizenship too. He simply couldn’t be happier. He has such hard classes and worked like crazy for those grades. While I’m bragging about Ben I’ll just gush a bit more. Ben and Stefan helped with a Boy Scout car wash last Saturday. They had no obligation to go but went to help a friend and worked happily. The Stake President was there and took the time Sunday to pull Erik and I aside separately. He told me, “I watched all the boys at the car wash and those boys of yours are the cream of the crop. They worked the hardest and the longest and never complained once. You should be very proud.” And I am. Remind me of that later.

Erik is headed out of town tonight and drug me to Macy’s with him to get a new suitcase. We chose a lovely one and were heading down the escalator when Erik said, “Hey there’s your dad!”

I turned around and raced back up the escalator while Erik called out, “It’s not him!” I reached the top gasping for breath and turned to see Elder Tom Perry. Everyone says that my dad looks like L. Tom Perry and it’s true(‘cept my dad’s cuter). It was obvious I had just run up the escalator and there was nothing intelligent to say except:

“You look just like my dad!”

He was gracious. I’m sure he’s heard worse. He shook my hand and asked me to send my dad his greetings. “Hi dad!” I know you are really in Wisconsin and not at Macy’s in Cottonwood Mall.

November 11, 2007
November 13, 2007