dark, cold, rainy

It’s a cold dark rainy Sunday afternoon– the kind of day when you want to curl up in bed and just sleep it away. I’ve been wondering this week if I have some sort of disorder because all I can think about is sleep, sleep, sleep. It must be all those years of baby-induced sleep-deprivation catching up with me.

Mary has been looking through old photo albums with the boys and she gets so angry with the albums that don’t have pictures of her in it. So she’ll claim that baby Hans or baby Alexander or baby Gabriel are really “baby Mary.” Ben and Stefan are allowed to keep their place in the family but Mary tells all the little boys, “I was born before you!” Hans and Xander just laugh but Gabriel takes it quite seriously and runs to me crying every time.

I have to hug him and say, “Please don’t listen to Mary!” She heaps a lot of abuse on poor Gabriel and he just doesn’t know how to shrug it off.

But Mary IS getting nicer. She still has her crazy blow-ups but afterwards she’ll say, “See, I’m being nice now!” We went to a missionary farewell today and she was actually quite charming telling everyone her name and how old she is. She loves to draw and writes “Mary” and “Mom” on every available surface. She draws some very lovely pictures of me. 🙂

Poor Ben, he likes a girl in our ward and the word has spread through the entire congregation. Everyone was buzzing about it at church today. He’s not ready to start dating or have a steady girlfriend so it’s all just really awkward for him. The good news is she is really a darling, smart, talented, funny girl so we know he has great taste.

Oh, I did sell a story to the Friend this week– so that’s good news.

November 7, 2007
November 12, 2007