Erik has been sick the past few days and stayed home from work. It’s been so nice having him home. It gives Mary another person to boss around and Gabriel another person to ask endless questions. And even though he doesn’t feel well he does little useful things like replace light bulbs, scrub the stovetop and throw in loads of laundry. He’s put together puzzles with Gabriel and watched Sesame Street with Mary.

He was collapsed on the couch this afternoon when Mary brought her friend Sarah over to play. “My dad’s sick.” she announced casually. “But he still likes to be tickled.” They proceeded to tease and tickle Erik and he played along giggling and wriggling(he’s not ticklish). Mary and Sarah chatted about how dads like to be tickled and hugged and kissed.

Later Erik said, “I think I could be a pretty good mom if it weren’t for the cooking and cleaning and remembering everything.”

Me too! I really enjoy the kids. But the cooking, cleaning, driving around and especially remembering everything makes me crazy. There are dozens of little things to remember every day: notes to sign, lessons, fees, dr/dentist appointments, practices, parties, box tops, book reports… I inevitably forget something every day and it’s often the fun things!

I took Gabriel to Pottery Barn Kids this morning to buy a lamp for his room. We bought a really neat one that attaches to the wall because we don’t have room for a nightstand by his bed. On the drive there he told me about Ashley: the most beautiful girl in his Primary class.

“I choose Ashley, mom. I’m going to marry her.” I told him that was fine but he needed to wait a lot of years to get married.

“That’s true.” he answered, “I don’t even have a ring for her yet.”

November 5, 2007
November 11, 2007