Sleep in day!

Aah, I love setting the clock back and having an extra hour in the morning! As an early morning runner I live for the morning light. It’s been pitch black on my morning run for the past month and I look forward to seeing the sun at least half-way through my run tomorrow. Even with the extra hour we barely made it to church on time and had to haul our family to the front row. It’s no fun trying to keep the kids reverent when you feel like the whole congregation is watching you.

Last night I took Stefan and Hans to the symphony. I want them to enjoy beautiful music and learn concert manners but more than anything I love spending time with them. We had a great conversation in the car and Hans helpd my hand as we walked through downtown. I’ll be so sad when he is too big to hold my hand. Stefan is so smart and thoughtful and I love hearing his thoughts on life.

Friday night we had the annual Pumpkin Smashing! Erik and the boys climbed up on the roof and hurtled our jack-o-lanterns to the driveway one by one. Celia and Sam Benson contributed their pumpkins too so we had a real smash-up. Erik came up with the idea last year when we were going through a really stressful time. We smashed those pumpkins with all our sorrows and disappointments and laughed ourselves silly. This year the kids asked about Pumpkin Smashing before they picked out Halloween costumes– I think we have a tradition here.

(really lousy pictures coming as soon as my computer starts behaving!)

November 2, 2007
November 7, 2007


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  1. Blue

    January 7, 2009

    next year can we come smash with you guys? that sounds therapeutic! 🙂

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