Survival Kit

Have you ever received a package that totally overwhelmed you, made you laugh and finally reduced you to tears?

I went out to the mailbox today after a long week of crazy kids–UEA, Halloween and the resulting sugar crash– and pulled this beautiful, incredible box out of my mailbox: Freakout Level Mom Survival Kit. It is full of chocolate, quotations, inspiring talks and even Erik’s top ten list reasons he loves me(#2 is that I share chocolate with him- HA!). All this was put together by Kit and Kevin and shipped straight from France. Yes, it’s all French chocolate.

I simply can’t believe Kit and Kev took the time and money(yes, Kevin is a pro basketball player but we all know he isn’t paid what he is worth!) to put this all together for me. I am so emotional and grateful I don’t know which chocolate to eat first. See the red round chocolates? Those are the yummiest thing on the planet! I first tried those 4 years ago when I visited Kit and Kev in France. I was pregnant with Mary and had sweet Gabriel with me. We spent 5 of the happiest days of my life touring France, buying little pink baby clothes and eating lots and lots of chocolate.

The funny thing is the talks and quotes in the box all talk about how unselfish and giving mothers are– hmm, I really don’t intend to share the contents of this box one bit(maybe Erik can have a few). The kids can just keep eating their Halloween candy. 😉

Thanks Kit and Kevin, Ryn and Elle– love you!

November 2, 2007
November 5, 2007



  1. Linkousfrance

    November 3, 2007

    YEAH! We are so glad you finally recieved it. We were getting worried that it might never get there. Enjoy and tell the kids that we loved all of their costumes, adorable. Sending you some yummy chocolate is the least we can do to say thanks for all the great clothes you have given us for Ryn and Elle. Not to mention for y’alls great friendship. Love the Linkous clan in France:)

  2. Bonnie

    March 18, 2008

    That’s so sweet! I wonder what French chocolate tastes like. I’ve never had it.

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