As Hans says, “Now that it’s my job to care about school spirit, I really do.”

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His enthusiasm is infectious. Enough to get me to every assembly and at least a few football games. It was especially fun for Hans to crown his childhood friend as Homecoming King.

At the homecoming assembly, Xander received his class president sweater. It was a bit anti-climactic since he’s been working after school every day all week to prepare for homecoming. They told him his main jobs as class president are to help wherever he’s needed and be nice to everyone. I love that. True leadership means working hard and extending kindness. And I was especially flattered when the boys wanted a photo with me after the assembly (’cause we match).

We have the most gorgeous setting. And note the S on the mountain where they hauled up 1,400 lbs. of chalk last week to fill it in.

On a beautiful fall night, nothing beats the pageantry of a football game.

Hopefuls dreaming of their day on the field.

Younger siblings waiting to see their sister in the homecoming parade.

Ezra catching it all with his camera.

Our Annie as homecoming princess. We all feel especially proud of Annie because she spends so much time at our house. And we’re never sure who she’s there to visit– me? Mary? Xander? Hans? Gabe? We all claim her as our friend and I’m just happy to see high school kids voting for a sweet, humble, kind girl like Annie.

And then there’s Luke with Liza as Homecoming King and Queen. Again you couldn’t find two nicer kids if you searched the earth.

Dancing and cheering at half-time.

Our neighbor Ezra designed these NEST t-shirts (you know, Skyline Eagles) and they’ve sold them at lunch for just $5. It looks like everyone bought one.

Hans is very serious about leading the student section cheers. While both Hans and Xander were happy to see us, they made it clear we had to stay out of the student section. So I used my long range lens. 😉

Another school spirit project. Hans took the sheet right off his bed to make the NEST flag. Who needs a top sheet anyway?

Every time Skyline scores they run the flags up and down the track.

throwing streamers

These two had way too much fun wandering the stands, buying donuts and popcorn…

I love drum lines. I may have missed my calling in life. Anyone want to start a mom’s drum line?

And it helps with school spirit when the team wins 62-42.

The next day, I was lucky enough to take photos before the dance. I’m always happy when the kids ask me to take photos because I witness so many charming interactions (and I get to know everyone’s name).

Pinning on the boutonniere (that’s the real spelling, I just looked it up).

Wide-eyed excitement (I’m sorry you don’t like this photo Abby. I LOVE it and I think everyone agrees with me you look gorgeous).

Mastering the awkward photo.

Playing house.

A clever boutonniere alternative (see, now that I can spell boutonniere, I’ll have to use it over and over)

Sometimes you just need the manly touch.

Ever since Hans was a toddler, the moms have talked about this group of kids– not just the ones in this photo, but hundreds more– they are the kindest, strongest, self-motivated kids. I can’t wait to see them take on the world.

EI3C2594 copy

And I realize these photos look like something out of a glossy magazine– I tried to tone it down, really, make them look less beautiful.

EI3C2652 copy

These kids are living the good life, but they’ll do well as long as they remember true leadership: work hard and be kind.

September 17, 2014



  1. Amy

    September 22, 2014

    Awesome pictures! So much fun! Tell Hans great job on the school spirit, and tell Erik thanks for the free ticket!

  2. Kathleen

    September 22, 2014

    Lovely photos ! They look like a great group of kids, hope they had a great time.

  3. Elizabeth Smith

    September 22, 2014

    Such beautiful pictures! I’d be happy to join a mom drum line with you. I always wanted to play the drums but was too shy in junior high. Our 2-year-old daughter is showing interest in drums. We are definitely going to encourage her.

  4. Kel aka Selwyn

    September 22, 2014

    I had to Google Homecoming, and I’m still not sure I understand it. Wow it looks fun though!

    And the boutonnieres are wonderful (as is the spelling of the word).

  5. Missy Larson

    September 23, 2014

    Such fun photos, they made me miss those stands quite a lot. I heart Skyline! Looks like it’s still an amazing place.

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