I don’t know about you, but Hans is feeling 22

Here’s Ben trying to blow out Hansie’s birthday candles while Facetiming with Stefan and Heather. Sammie keeps Ben in line. 😉

It happens pretty often around here. Hans says something and all the girls in the house sigh and say, “Whoever marries Hans will be one lucky girl.”

It’s usually when he makes a random remark like, “When I have kids I can’t wait to read them stories every night. I don’t know if I’ll ever let my wife tuck them in.”


“I just can’t understand why anyone would make a sandwich and not put away the ingredients and wipe the counter.”


“When I get married I’m going to buy my wife flowers all the time.”

Our favorite subject to talk about with Hans is who he should marry. We all like to point out how much we love Sammie and Heather and how sad it would be if he married someone who didn’t want to be part of our wild and crazy family. “I know, I know,” he says, “but don’t worry, you all have veto power.”

Whoever she may be, she’s one lucky girl. But she’ll need to have a lot of energy. I’ve never met anyone who works and plays so hard. Hans breezes through a full load of pre-med classes, thinks his job is fun, plays HOURS of Frisbee and when we’re all ready to go to bed, he heads out for the evening.

We all love kids and babies, but when we’re at an airport or a park or a party, it’s Hans who collects a little flock of admirers. Long after the parents have lost interest in peek-a-boo or catch, Hans will keep playing and playing and playing. Hansie’s studying to be a pediatric surgeon and he’s perfect for the job.

This August, Hansie’s ever-pleasant personality was put the the test when he had bunion surgery on both feet and spent the first six weeks of the semester at BYU in a wheelchair. Hans approached every problem, every indignity, every obstacle with optimism and gratitude. An army of friends and strangers stepped forward to help him and he was (and is) grateful for every one. We marveled at his ability to just keep moving forward without complaint. His work as a CNA prepared him for tasks like sink showers and moving in and out of the wheelchair. And his ability to sleep anywhere (he didn’t see a bed for six weeks) served him well. Really, you should just read his Instagram post about his surgery. @hanslehnardt

Dropping him off at BYU in a wheelchair was one of the saddest moments of my life– he was just days out of surgery and so helpless. I’m forever grateful to everyone who helped him.

Hans rarely asks for anything (he’s always been that way), but if you buy him something he’ll thank you a thousand times and use his gift with incredible enthusiasm. “Mom, these are the BEST pants I’ve ever owned. They are amazing.”

The day before Hansie’s 22nd birthday he sent out a text to his friends, “Come over at 11:30 pm, dress like hipsters, bring strangers to fall in love with and we’ll have breakfast at midnight. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22.” (if you don’t know Taylor Swift’s ’22’ you should go listen to it right now)

They went through four batches of chocolate waffles, talked to strangers and partied until exactly 12:15 am (everyone had to go to church that day). It was at his BYU apartment so that’s all I know, but I was so proud of

A. his knowledge of T. Swift songs and

B. his willingness to throw his own birthday party at midnight.

Happy birthday Hans! We love you to the moon and back.

November 28, 2018
December 17, 2018


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