Timp 2018

Oh, I know it’s time to post photos of Thanksgiving and Christmas trees (coming soon!) but I still need to catch up a bit. If you know me, you know my very favorite day of the year starts at 6 a.m., involves 18 miles of hiking, ten thousand jokes, four boxes of Oreos and, best of all, twelve hours of conversation with my favorite people in the world (missing Xander, always missing Xander).

It took us all summer to find a single day to spend together. Stefan and Heather serving in Africa; Hans traveling in India, London, Paris; Ben and Sammie in California– kids in school and working at law firms, the local pool, the care center, the capitol… Call me crazy, but I can’t think of any other activity where a family can spend so much uninterrupted time together. Timpanogos astonished us with her beauty, the wildflowers, the mountain goats and so many friendly fellow hikers.



Until next year beautiful mountain. <3


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  1. Raluca

    December 7, 2018

    Wonderful! ?

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