I love

witnessing Spring bloom in the valley. Storm after storm– snow every week– and still spring comes. It always comes.


revitalized games. You’ve heard of the old license plate game? Upon spying the out-of-state plate, you punch the person next to you and yell, “Minnesota!” or Oregon or Texas or whatever.

Eighteen-year-old Emily and her friends don’t approve of meanness and created this new version: Sincerely compliment the person next to you and call out the state name. We were pulling into a parking lot when she exclaimed, “Michelle you are a beautiful person and I love your photography. COLORADO!”

I got all teary. Game or not, don’t we all need more compliments? Can you imagine the change in kids (and adults) if they played games like this instead of “Slug Bug” on those long drives?

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. Ashli loaned this to me and I went around the rest of the day vacuuming with my nose in the book, sautéing vegetables as I turned pages, setting it down for just seconds to switch the laundry. Lyrical, multigenerational, symbolic, clean escapist fiction– the perfect balm to a stormy April day.


the new Gospel Library App. It’s incredible. Seriously, if you ever needed a religious justification to get an iPhone, this is it. And if you’re not Mormon? Well, you need an iPhone too. For Word Scramble if nothing else (unless of course, you are a child in my household. In which case you absolutely don’t need an iPhone. But you can borrow mine).


Fage Greek Yogurt— creamy, healthy, full of protein. Why can’t it be cheap like Yoplait? Can I really justify a $2 a day yogurt habit?


welcome advice from my older brother: I forgot myself and started ranting to him on the phone about our least favorite (but most chewed-over) subject. Catching myself, I apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m trying not to talk about that anymore.”

“It’s OK if you do,” he replied, “and it’s better that you vent to me rather than Erik. Save all your sweetness for your husband. He deserves it.”

Isn’t that wise counsel? Certainly I need to discuss things with Erik, but not ad nauseam. I’d rather be my best self.

writing this as I sit on a plush sunwarmed couch during Stefan’s violin lesson.


What’s making you happy today?

April 21, 2010



  1. ashli

    April 23, 2010

    i love your list!

    the lighting in the pics is perfect….that darn silly old lady!@#$ but, still cute nonetheless!

    I love your brothers comment. i will remember that next time i want to vent to matt.

    right now i love green, playing at the park, and knowing that summer is just around the corner!

  2. Selwyn

    April 23, 2010

    Being closer to having my one of my assignments finished, your photos, knowing you share my love of excellent yogurt (totally justified!), and realising that in two short months we’ll be there!

  3. Natasha

    April 24, 2010

    What a great list. Your photographs are beautiful. Where do your daughter’s clothes come from? They are beautiful!

  4. Tracy

    April 24, 2010

    You are lovely, Minnesota!

    My babies are making me happy today. I have been kissing on them all day.


  5. Travelin'Oma

    April 24, 2010

    What a good brother. I can’t imagine venting to my brother. Having the windows open and feeling kind of caught up at 1:am is making me happy.

  6. meeks

    April 24, 2010

    that last photo is gorgeous!!

  7. Tifani says...

    April 24, 2010

    A good Greek yogurt can make me happy. It is a wonderful habit.

    Rain is making me happy today. We need it and it is a great excuse to stay cozy all day.

  8. Sue

    April 24, 2010

    These photos!

    And one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen this year. Crisp, cool, and sunny…with a hint of jasmine. My favorite.


  9. Michelle

    April 24, 2010

    Happy children chatter.
    Cousin time.

    And I’ll chime in with others’ voices: your photos always make me happy.

  10. Lizzy

    April 25, 2010

    I have always known I needed an iphone. The next step is convincing my parents.

  11. Bonnie

    April 25, 2010

    The smell of blooming cherry blossoms and the perfect temperatures we’ve had recently make me happy. 🙂

  12. Andee

    April 26, 2010

    Beautiful pictures!! Love the sun haze!

  13. Rachelle

    April 26, 2010

    I love… this post. Great idea. I’m gonna try that Greek yogurt and that book because I trust your judgement. :o)

    I love… the sound of my children laughing together, that spring came early this year, my charming old house, lunch w/friends. :o)

  14. Rachelle

    April 29, 2010

    Just gotta tell ya, tried the Greek yogurt and am now a Greek yogurt junkie. I’m hooked. Wow~ I can’t believe how tangy and yummy it is. Thanks for the tip!

  15. Linn

    April 29, 2010

    Oh, I’m reading Forgotten Garden now and cannot put it down. Well, just down long enough to comment. Now back to reading…

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