Lake Powell!

I’m really too tired and sore to write anything right now but I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t! This was a crazy-busy week! Monday we went to a pool party with several old friends from high school. It’s interesting how people grow up but don’t really change. Tuesday we went to a ward party. It was a water party and our boys seemed to be at the center of every water fight.

Wednesday morning we all packed up for Lake Powell. This was our first camping trip with our whole family and our first Lake Powell trip(with the exception of a few days we spent on a houseboat with friends 8 years ago). We had several mishaps and ended up leaving the house at 2 p.m. rather than 10 a.m. We hadn’t gone very far before Erik realized we hadn’t packed the tent– we had no choice but to go back and get it. The drive went fairly well thanks to the miracle of DVD and Harry Potter books but after a wrong turn we nearly ran out of gas on a long stretch of I-70. We literally prayed the car into Hanksville and gratefully filled the car with gas.

Thanks to our delays we didn’t make it to the lake until dark. We pulled into an off shore campground and set up the tent. It was a HOT, HOT night but we packed up first thing in the morning and headed for the lake. Several people had told us their favorite campsites and we checked out each and every one– they were all full. Finally, against all advice we found a spot right on Bullfrog Bay. It turned out to be perfect– close to the marina, sheltered from the wind and with a beautiful sandy beach.
Around the corner we found a wonderful bay for waterskiing and such and played until dark. After a meal of hot dogs and beans we sat around the camp stove cooking marshmallows and congratulating ourselves on a lovely camping trip. I had just said,”This is so much fun,we should do it more often.” when we looked down and saw dozens of half-dollar sized spiders crawling over our feet. We all scrambled to pull our feet up when we heard the screech of bats flying overhead. Erik shined the flashlight into the air and sure enough, just above our heads flew a horde of bats. Eeek! We cleaned up, ran for the tent and vowed to stay inside the tent after dark from now on!
We met the Folsom’s at noon the next day. Brooke and Britney Graham were with them too. We had a great time swimming, tubing and simply playing with them. When we were nearly out of gas and thoroughly worn out we headed back to the marina for gas. We were so tired we couldn’t wait to get back to camp but cute little Hansie wanted to learn how to waterski in the middle of Bullfrog Bay. We have a ski with a bar that connects both skis to make it easier for beginners but it was gone. Hansie simply shrugged and said, “Oh well, I’ll have to learn w/o the bar someday so it might as well be right now.” We watched in amazement as the determind little guy struggled and struggled to get up– soon he got the hang of it and wanted to waterski nonstop the rest of the trip. The boys told him, “You’re safe until we come to nice water and then mom will cut the rope so that she can ski!” It’s true. I’m a waterskiing pig and when I see the nice water I want to ski and ski no matter how sore and tired I am. I paid the price though; today I am sore and achy all over.
After finally wearing Hansie out we came back to camp and I laid down with sleeping Miss Mary while Erik read Harry Potter aloud. Erik would stop every half-hour or so and start to read silently and Ben or I would say, “Keep reading!” I think that was one of the best parts of the trip– just having the time to lay down and rest and chat and read. The boys spent hours digging channels and tunnels in the sand and swimming in the shallow lagoon.
We rushed home last night to attend the Saturday Evening session of stake conference. We were late because of the drive but also because Hans found our neighbor’s snake in the basement just as we were leaving for the church. We had consented to babysit the snake a week earlier and the boys took great pleasure in watching it and feeding it dead mice until one morning the snake had disappeared. We couldn’t see any way to escape the glass cage but it was gone. Searching proved fruitless so we left for Lake Powell and simply hoped it had gone outside or would show up sometime. Hans and Gabriel were walking down to the basement and saw the snake coiled and ready to strike at the bottom of the stairs. Hans said he thought it was a toy until he saw it’s jaws snapping. After a big scuffle the snake was recaptured and we immediately took it to our neighbor’s house. They weren’t home but the door was open so we put it in the house. We never want to snakesit again!

August 19, 2007
August 26, 2007


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