First a skiing update: I drove back up to the resort only to to discover that A. I had loaned my ski poles to Stefan earlier in the day and B. my all-day pass had disappeared(most likely lost during Mary’s epic descent). Yes, this is totally typical Michelle behavior. You can take a minute now to step away from the computer and laugh at me. Happily, luckily, I had a good book in the car.

The leprechauns went pretty easy on us this year. Yes, they did get into the Lucky Charms that we bought especially for St. Patty’s day, turned the milk green and left all sorts of little messes around the house. But they really wreaked some havoc at Mary’s preschool down the street.

All the kiddos arriving at preschool had to follow a long trail of tiny green footprints. The prints went down the sidewalk, into the school, over chairs, under tables, across balance beams, through tunnels, up the wall and finally ended in the classroom where the mischievous little Irishmen had dumped out all the toys. At snack time the water had turned “GREEEEN!” and Mary was certain that she spied a real leprechaun in the tree outside the classroom window.

I love this little school that feeds my children’s imagination as much as their intellect.

March 15, 2008
March 18, 2008



  1. go boo boo

    March 18, 2008

    Adorable dress. On the ski trip that wasn’t…Totally something I would do too.

  2. J

    March 18, 2008

    hip hip hooray for good books at least!

    i still remember the magic of st. paddy’s day in first grade, where similar events occurred as in mary’s school today. i was a TB in leprechauns! alas, i’ve never done anything like that for my kiddos…don’t know what #2 thinks about the whole thing. you’re a way fun mom!

    ps: i’m going to try and have things squared away so i can come tomorrow morning. what time is it again?

  3. Andrea

    March 18, 2008

    that is one funny picture, LOL. The dress is perfect for today. And how cute is that little face???

  4. Jan Russell

    March 18, 2008

    Mary is a total doll in her green dress! And yum, I haven’t had Lucky Charms in FOR-EVER!

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