Let’s just call her ‘Master Sammie!’

Sammie’s Graduation Party from Michelle Lehnardt on Vimeo.

Sometimes we grow so accustomed to Sammie’s many accomplishments we simply take them in stride– three bachelor’s degrees, her master’s and now a one-year break to work before she pursues her PhD in Creative Writing. In truth, she makes it look so easy we forget the years and years of classroom work, the piles of papers, the teaching and correcting and editing…

I sat in on her defense of her thesis and I’m proud to say I understood at least 10% of what was going on.

And although we can’t take any credit for the wonderfulness of Sammie (that goes to her parents and Sammie and Ben) we were more than happy to celebrate her on a gorgeous feels-like-summer evening in the Drysdale’s dreamy yard.