Merry Christmas!

Ooh, it’s been a lovely decadent, relaxing, joyful Christmas Day. We are lucky to be able to stay home the entire day and we celebrate by eating lots of chocolate, playing with our new toys and staying in our pajamas all day long. Everyone felt thoroughly spoiled and are delighted with their gifts.

Throughout the entire Christmas season Gabriel consistently asked Santa for this two-headed, fire-breathing red dragon. Santa certainly appreciates a kid who doesn’t change his mind. 😉 Mary asked for a baby doll and was thrilled with this baby playhouse. We’ve always told the kids that because there are so many kids in the world, Santa can only fill stockings and bring one present. That fact has always made it easy to do sub-for-Santa and other Christmas projects ’cause Santa can’t bring everything you know.
I didn’t quite have control over my new lens and put the focus of this picture on the cake eater in the background.
Sweet Xander got a headache in the middle of the day and mean old mom was just thrilled to have a still subject to photograph.
We gave Gabriel a big Playmobil Roman set. Everyone played with it. Even big boys still like to sit on the floor and play.

Ben coming in from shoveling LOTS of snow.
Gabriel’s favorite gift– a super Gabriel cape.

And his favorite snack. A white Rhodes roll with Nutella:
And my favorite gift:
Is there anything better than being thanked for being yourself? I love that. It’s so much easier to be myself than anyone else.

December 28, 2007



  1. Ashli S.

    December 26, 2007

    I am jealous of your extensive, detailed, fun report of the week before Christmas. It all looks like such a magical time of year….yet so real and everyday! It is so fun to see into your neighbors home. (Like you said… the spy game:) I love how your kids love you and eachother. So cute!

  2. Jen

    December 27, 2007

    that is the sweetest card EVER! Love it!

  3. Tamika

    December 28, 2007

    The joys of mommihood – there’s nothing like it, eh?

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