Miss Lucy

Just one year ago, on an equally snowy day, Miss Lucy was born.

And six weeks later she came to live with us.


She’s added a layer of love to our house that has transformed the whole family: everyone speaks sweetly to Lucy– “C’mere honey.” “How are you beautiful?” “What can I do for you gorgeous?”– and thus we all talk a little more kindly to each other. She’s a soft hug, a purring companion, a playmate when everyone else is gone or busy.

Fully grown now, she’s elegant, intelligent and yes, shockingly conceited. Her birthday was spent doing all her favorite things: eating tuna from a baby bowl, catching drips from the faucet, sleeping on my bed and supervising Xander’s homework.


Many, many thanks to Bonnie and Blue who brought sweet Lucybelle Pirate into our lives.

March 24, 2009
March 26, 2009