sick day

For nearly a month, today has been earmarked for a special outing with friends. We emailed and arranged; coordinated babysitting and driving.

And I’m home with a sick little boy.

Gabriel announced his illness quite spectacularly Tuesday night at the launch party of the new Fablehaven book by Brandon Mull. Right in the middle of the hallway, he emptied his tummy until we were sure he had nothing left in him, and then he emptied it some more. Surveying the 6 ft. wide puddle the boys were horrified, but I said, “Awesome Gabe. Thanks for not doing that in the car.” And then we went home.

My sweet boy was still pretty queasy yesterday, but I thought he’d surely be fine by this morning. He’s not. I’ll spare you the details.

Erik was sympathetic and said, “I’d stay home if I could- but I have a day in front of me.”

to which I replied, “It’s OK, this is my job.”

In that moment I felt a deep and rare satisfaction– this is my job– I have the luxury of staying home with my little people, of reading them stories, of finding the Duck Tales video and tucking in blankets just right.

Mary was delighted to have her old companion back(since before this year Gabe was home most of the day) and she eschewed dance lessons, her planned playdate and tearfully kissed him goodbye before preschool.

As a patient, Gabriel is pretty low maintenance. He simply wants a little bit of Harry Potter, a drink of water and lots of cuddling. As we lounge in the red chair, I admire his long skinny legs, his beautiful mop of white hair and his perfectly shaped eyebrows. In turn, he traces the line of my jaw and says, “You’re the prettiest, bestest mommy in the world.” And I know, I know, that the theme of my blog should be “It All Goes By Too Quickly” but I can’t help but wonder how much longer he’ll let me hold him.

It’s no secret that I’ve longed for more education, that I wish I’d started a career before having children, but on days like this I am completely and wholly at peace.

Gabe practicing “eyes-closed skipping” with Mary– obviously on the mend.

Excuse me, I’m headed back to the red chair.
March 25, 2009



  1. M

    March 26, 2009

    We missed you, Michelle, but you were where you needed to be. What darling kids you have!–Emily

  2. Christie

    March 26, 2009

    You inspire me. When my kids puke in public, and ruin planned social outings, I feel annoyed and picked on. I need to be better. It does go by too fast.

  3. Jeanelle

    March 26, 2009

    I love that you are so completely at peace with your role — maybe that’s why we like each other so much??? 🙂

  4. Kim

    March 27, 2009

    I have to admit I relish sick days too, especially when they’re not terribly sick. It feels like stolen time to me and I love that there is usually only one of them with me for the day.
    Hearing about your boys makes me long for one of my own!
    Mary looks fab in her new MJ!

  5. martha corinna

    March 27, 2009

    It doesn’t hurt that he is so beautiful.

    You always inspire me to do better; someday I will be a mom like you. I am learning.

  6. Coach A.

    March 28, 2009

    Sending love and get well wishes!

  7. Claudia

    March 29, 2009

    We had the same bug go thru two of my boys. Despite the mess, it really is nice to have them all to yourself.To give and be be given tenfold in return. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Your post reminded me of a new favorite song: She is Love (acoustic) by Parachute. It’s a beauty.

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