New Year’s Resolutions

Around the dinner table tonight I solicited New Year’s Resolutions from everyone. We never start our resolutions on Jan 1st– it’s a lazy, sit-around-the-house, watch movies, eat junk food for one more day, play with toys sort of day. Besides we had to recover from our wild New Year’s Eve party last night with eight families from the neighborhood and lots of bonus teenagers(I have never seen so many willing Karaoke participants!).

Most of the resolutions were flippant– “I’m going to eat a lot.” “I’m going to become a pro Wii tennis player.” All of the big boys pledged to tease Gabriel less, but none would commit to stop teasing him altogether.

Gabriel’s goal was NOT to go to Lake Powell. His announcement didn’t go over well because we all love Lake Powell.

“Why Gabriel?”

“Because Lake Powell is full of bats and spiders.”

Stefan suggested that we capture the bats and spiders and roast them over the campfire.

“But we are not eating them for dinner.” declared Mary, “Because we are not a bug eating family!” So I hope that’s clear. If we come to your house for dinner we don’t want any cockroaches or centipedes on the menu– we are not a bug eating family.

Mary pledged to “eat strawberries every day and to say ‘please’ all the time when I wants something and mommy and daddy won’t have to remind me.”

Gabriel is going to help people when they get hurt. He did not like my suggestion that he become a better reader. “I can read everything I want already.”

Only when pressed could Xander come up with “be more perfect.” We all requested that he yell just a bit less. Hans was the same and finally proferred “read 100 books.” It must be nice to feel so good about yourself. 🙂

Reading the scriptures every day is one of my goals and Ben, Stefan and Erik made it theirs also.

Stefan is going to offend less and be less offended. That’s a pretty profound goal. I think I’ll add it to my list.

Ben’s immediate goal is to get his driver’s license. and then he hopes to get through the entire year without any traffic violations or accidents. I like that. He vows to eat more fruits and vegetables to balance out his chocolate intake. I think he wants to go on a few dates too. 😉

I am going to shut down my business, lose 8 lbs(yes, 8), be less distracted, run my 20th marathon and become a better photographer. Erik also suggested that I could work on keeping my temper with the kids. Hmm, now I know how annoying it is to have other people make resolutions for you.

Erik is going to run his first marathon, lose 10 lbs. and read his scriptures — well, maybe not every day, but most days.

Ah, it’s going to be a beautiful year, I can just feel it.

January 3, 2008



  1. Jan Russell

    January 2, 2008

    Cute Michelle! I just linked to your blog through Allison’s – I’m so happy I can keep up with your sweet family this way! Losing 8 pounds is high on my list too, but I wouldn’t even think of serving bugs at my dinner table to acheive such a goal 😉

  2. Bruce and Zalia

    January 2, 2008

    8 pounds from where? Bruce would most likely give me the same resolution Erik gave you…

  3. twoelves

    January 3, 2008

    Ha, 8 lbs was the exact number on my resolution too – that and to finally start adding sit-ups to my workout routine. I like all the Lehnardts resolutions – maybe I’ll add some to my list :)Love you!

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