Funnier and Cooler

Benj took advantage of the long lazy hours yesterday to read this entire blog. “I love it Mom! It makes our life sound so much funnier and cooler than it really is.” 🙂

I guess that’s why I love blogging. It makes me notice the funny, cool and sometimes pathetic in our everyday life. I love clicking onto my friend’s blogs and “spying on” their birthday parties and their vacations; sharing their gripes and dreams and heartaches.

The kiddos went back to school today. I envisioned a clean tidy house by noon and possibly a chance to sit down with a book in the afternoon when Gabriel and Mary went to school. Ha! I spent the whole day dealing with silly problems and boring chores. And I successfully ruined my New Year’s diet by dining on nothing but a Ritter Sport(dark chocolate with hazelnuts, thank you Santa) for lunch. How cool and funny is that?

But I’m an optimist. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll catch up, and somewhere between morning and after school carpools I’ll sit on the couch and put my feet up!

A few baby photos from today:

January 2, 2008



  1. Jan Russell

    January 3, 2008

    Well, Benj and I were doing the same thing yesterday, then! I had to go through the archives oohing and ahhing over your beautiful kids (and their clothes – the dresses, my goodness, the dresses!!!) I cried over the loss of your neighbor and literally cracked up laughing at several parts – Gabe is a real character! I know he and H. could play Playmobil together for hours. And I could totally relate to so many things – like getting angry every single time I try to take my children’s pictures – sigh. My mom’s store sells TOblerone – YUM to that! I think you’d totally be this fun and cool IRL, too – maybe I can meet you for Boston ’09 to cheer!

  2. Bruce and Zalia

    January 3, 2008

    You should be proud of yourself that you only ate the Rittersport. I would have started with that and then figuring that I had ruined everything would have continued on a downward spiral of fattening foods the rest of the day!

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