odd girl out

The other day I counted 13 kids at my house and Miss Mary was the lone girl.

The boys’ friends are generally sweet to Mary and either include her in their games or leave her to her own. But there were some words this day and tears…

Gabe gave me the heads-up that I might want my camera for their apology:

“Please forgive us, Mary. We’re so sorry. Pleaaaaaaaase!”

And then it was back to normal silly happiness.

Even if it was just for the camera (and I don’t think it was); I’ll take kindness any way it comes.
March 5, 2010
March 11, 2010



  1. Kerri

    March 9, 2010

    Mary’s sweater is to die for.

    Miss Mary looks like a reigning queen with some darling loyal subjects.

  2. Kate

    March 10, 2010

    I used to be sad that I only had one girl- but now I know that she is so lucky!!! Just like Mary:) Her brothers take good care of her and are so protective… I love it!

  3. Tracy

    March 10, 2010

    I spy pigtails!!!!

  4. Janessa

    March 10, 2010

    I absolutely love her outfits. I wish I could be that stylish. This post made my day. I’m glad that in the end, the boys still take good care of her and let her play with them.


  5. Selwyn

    March 10, 2010

    Kindness rocks!

    Somehow boosting the ratio by one female in Summer seems a little useless due to the other two males being added to the mix… but we’re coming anyways =)

  6. Sue

    March 10, 2010

    She will grow up to be a young woman filled with confidence because she has been so well loved by her brothers.

    What a neat family you have, Michelle.


  7. Heather

    March 10, 2010

    Sweet. Doesn’t it just remind you of how quickly they grow up, and what a privilege it is to participate in their lives as their mother?

  8. Rachelle

    March 11, 2010

    The last photo is worth a thousand words. Your kids are very secure with who they are. Not sure my boys would feel comfortable with their sister hugging them in front of their friends. LOVE this.

  9. Jan Russell

    March 13, 2010

    They’ll be on their knees again, begging for dates in a few years – Mary is just TOO CUTE!!!

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