OK, I am nicer today

Erik made me lift weights in the basement with with yesterday. “So don’t you feel great? Don’t you feel strong?”

“No, I feel grumpy.”

He pulled grapefruit out of the fridge and cut out the little sections for me. He knows I can’t resist this pure act of love. I adore grapefruit but am simply too hurried and impatient to slice out each little section.

We put on a movie for the kids and I told Erik I had to, had to, start listing Mary’s vast wardrobe on ebay. I hate selling things on ebay. It’s tedious, frustrating and time consuming. But I spent way too much on Mary’s clothes last year and I can recoup a lot of that by reselling the best stuff. And we have some huge bills coming up in February that we need the money for. So ebay is my penance for frivolous spending– believe me, I feel repentant!

But to ease the pain Erik read aloud to me while I worked on ebay listings. He read from The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. It’s a fabulous book! When I first heard of it I was skeptical. Here’s an agnostic who decides to follow every commandment in the Bible for a year– including growing a full beard, carrying a staff and dressing in white robes. I thought the premise was flippant and irreverent. I love the Bible and didn’t like the thought of someone making fun of it by focusing on obscure commandments.

I was wrong. Jacobs book is delightful. He is hilarious, insightful and well-versed(pun intended). He remains agnostic but develops a deep respect for the Bible and for religious people. I highly recommend it to ANYONE.

So with the miracle of grapefruit, a good book and later, a massage for my sore muscles, I am a new woman. I am so grateful for a husband that doesn’t just let me sniffle and bury my sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s but rather encourages me to do a little better, to be a little more content with the good life I have.

January 19, 2008
January 22, 2008


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  1. Jan Russell

    January 22, 2008

    Ooh – they reviewed that book in People magazine awhile ago, you’ve totally sold me on it – I’ll add it to my Amazon cart!

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