OK, I take back

every time I rolled my eyes when hearing of a doggy birthday party or shook my head when kitty’s name was included on a family Christmas card.

We have indeed turned into one of those people. Thoroughly, completely, delightfully in love– Miss Kitty is the queen of our castle.

May 11, 2008
May 13, 2008



  1. Blue

    May 13, 2008

    and in the last pic, it looks like she’s already being woo’d by her prince! 🙂

  2. Blue

    May 13, 2008

    Hey, any interested parties…
    This little princess has a sister and two brothers who are anxiously hoping they’ll be adopted by great families like their sister has been. If you’re interested, we have another boy and girl with coloring like Princess, and then there is one darling ginger-boy who everyone loves to pieces too. You can ask Michelle for our number if you’re interested. We have pictures and are happy to email them.

    This allergic momma would be SO grateful to you if you helped me get back to a cat-free house! ♥

  3. Bonnie

    May 13, 2008

    I love those pics of her in that cute castle! That’s absolutely adorable!!!

  4. Brooke

    May 13, 2008

    you sold the store?! i was just coming back to buy my petticoat. honest.

  5. katherine

    May 13, 2008

    I love the pictures of your kitty in the castle.

  6. Claudia

    May 14, 2008

    Sarah has already informed us that Topher will be sporting a bow tie in her someday wedding line. They don’t call’em “man’s best friend” for nothing.

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