one of those moments

Pulling in to the parking lot and anticipating a long walk to the fireworks I said, “I hope everyone wore shoes.”

Ben replied, “Just think mom, someday we’ll be able to go places and wearing shoes will be just as obvious to everyone as wearing underwear.”

a little voice from the back of the car…..”No one told me I had to wear underwear.”

July 14, 2008



  1. millertimeab

    July 6, 2008

    oh my gosh snort! I am glad I wasn’t drinking as it would now be all over the computer screen!

  2. Shannon&Eli

    July 6, 2008

    that happens at my house all the time…it’a a total boy thing! I am glas I am not the only one that finds no underwear on my children!!!

  3. Melissa

    July 6, 2008


  4. Blue

    July 6, 2008

    commando’s the besto! 😛

  5. Bonnie

    July 6, 2008

    That’s hilarious! Who’s little voice was it?

  6. Mama

    July 6, 2008

    Totally classic. Love that! C. would be the one missing underwear at my house for sure. And the one missing shoes. Hmmm.

  7. Claudia

    July 6, 2008

    Hilarious! Can I also just say how gorgeous your photo of the day is. Jody and child are stunning. Keep’em coming.

  8. Jan Russell

    July 7, 2008

    TOO FUNNY! I’m glad you recorded this one!

  9. Shannon

    July 9, 2008

    That one totally made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  10. katherine

    July 10, 2008

    So, FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. go boo boo

    July 11, 2008

    That is brilliant!

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