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So, we launched our podcast, Build Your Teenager, about a week and a half ago. It’s going pretty well. Not going to lie– it’s terrifying to put yourself out there like that, but the information we have to share is SO GOOD. You can check it out by following THIS LINK or by just searching ‘build your teenager’ on iTunes. We would be incredibly grateful if you left a review– reviews get podcasts in front of the people who need them.

We’re almost done writing the curriculum on our parenting course and it’s fantastic! You know how parents wish they had a manual for raising teenagers? Our course helps them write a personalized manual for their own family and establish family standards and values. Most programs throw a pile of information at parents and let them sort it out. But we help parents create their own plan, taking into account the specific needs, schedule, resources and energy of their family.

Like I say, I’m nervous about putting myself out there, but I have no doubts about the information we are sharing. I believe it’s invaluable for parents.

OK, I’m sounding like an infomercial, so I’ll stop now. But here’s the link to buildyourteenager.com if you’re interested.

So…. I may have mentioned earlier we had two kids running for office this Spring. I know people are always looking for campaign ideas so I thought we’d share our posters. Gabe used classic songs for his posters and I think this is an idea anyone could use. We printed these posters at Costco in the 20×30 size and they were $9.99 each. Pretty good deal for big colorful posters.

And for his video we used the song Magic by B.o.B. If you’ve watched our videos you’ll recognize a LOT of reused footage. I just got tired….

GABE SBO M.A. from Michelle Lehnardt on Vimeo.


Sweet Mary ran for Sophomore V.P., but she didn’t win the office. So, understandably, she’d rather not share the posters and class officers don’t make videos at our school. Five stellar kids ran for the same office and due to the complex algorithm used in student elections she knew any one little factor could swing the election. She’s sad, but she’s handling it so beautifully. She’s happy for Gabe, happy for the girl who did win V.P. and aware that she’ll have more time next year to pursue her own interests (she tends to be a workaholic and would have poured WAY too much time into student gov). Obviously, it’s much more fun to talk about winning an election but I’m so proud of her courage and grace, the way she reached out to other kids who lost the election and her positive outlook. I’m especially grateful to the people who extended love to Mary over the weekend. “I’m so sorry.” are just the best words ever. And I’m so proud of Gabe who also extended love and sympathy to friends and opponents without me even prompting him.

So, that may be the most awkward and least literary paragraph I’ve ever written. But I do hide many of the hard things in our life on this blog; this is one I can talk about even if I do stumble over the words.

I have much more to post on this blog— conference, Easter, Spring Break in San Diego… I’m determined to keep it up even with buildyourteenager.com simmering in the background.

I love you all. Thanks for your love and support.


xoxo, m


March 20, 2019
April 30, 2019