I meant to add prom to our Easter photos, but maybe they deserve a post of their own?

After 6 straight months of rain and snow, Spring came all in one weekend. Seriously. Every weekend I’ve wanted to get out in the yard but I’ve been thwarted by snow and rain. Then everything bloomed once just in time for Prom and Easter.

Gabe and friends talked about going up to the Utah State Capitol for photos (a trend that’s all the rage right now– and for good reason, have you seen those cherry blossoms?) but decided to simplify their night and avoid the crowds by taking photos in our own backyard. And doesn’t it look lovely?

Mary picked up corsage making skills from our Ruby Girl Retreat a few summers ago. She warned Heidi that her corsages tend to fall apart (we need to buy better glue) but Heidi said she didn’t want to wear a corsage once the photos were done anyway. And that’s exactly how long the corsage lasted– till the end of the photos.

Gabe may have stolen everything from Xander’s closet for prom.

Cute, cute girls.

You know I love those selfie pics.


Mary and Cambell and the cat needed glamour photos too.

Ah, prom, junior year. All the happy feels. Simple and joyful and none of the emotions of senior year when they are just about to embark into the wide, wide world. Give me junior year any day. Sweet Gabe– he has so much ahead of him, but I’m especially grateful today we get another full year of his cheerful presence at home.