Sunday, July 29th 2007

I was too entrenched in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Sunday to write a real entry. And Pottermania continues at my house. Stefan, Ben, Hans and I have finished the book and are rereading past volumes. Xander is in book 4. Caught up in our enthusiasm, Erik is now working his way through the volumes and loves them. I was pleased that the series had a very satisfying and Christian ending and I can’t wait to read them again.

We went to Erik’s 20th high school reunion last night and since I am only a year younger I knew most of the people there. It was strange to see how much everyone has aged and how many people were divorced and on 2nd and 3rd marriages. We felt like an anomaly. Six kids was the most anyone had and they were all shocked that we had so many. The nice thing was lots of people asked Erik if I was his second wife because they didn’t think I looked like I had six kids. :0)

It made us very grateful for our family and helped us realize that although our life isn’t glamourous or exciting it is awfully sweet.

Actually our life is exciting! We bought a boat this week. We found it in the ads and paid $10,000 for it. I think it was a really great deal. We took it out on Friday and had an incredible time. Everyone works together on the boat. We cheer for each other and help each other. It seemed like such an indulgence to buy a boat but we didn’t want to wait until Ben was on his mission and it’s one of the few things our family can do together.

July 29, 2007
August 5, 2007