Sunday, August 5th, 2007

What did we do this week? Not a lot. It was the tedious sort of summer week that makes me look forward to school resuming soon.

Hans and Xander went to Cub Camp and Webelos Camp in Millcreek Canyon. See how happy they look?

They really did have a marvelous time and spent the rest of the week torturing us all with their BANG guns purchased for $1.50 at the Camp Trading Post.

Thursday brought an incredible rainstorm. Whenever it rains the kids run outside and play in the gutter. They float little boats, ride trikes and cars down the gutter and play on boogie boards. The neighbors all drive by and laugh.

Last night I went with Erik to Deer Valley to see the Utah Symphony. It was beautiful concert(although it was nearly rained out). It was wonderful to get away and spend some quiet time with just him. I love him so much and really miss spending uninterrupted time together. I hope we can do more weekend get-aways for more than just over night.

A little story to end on:

If you have a big snowstorm in January the kids will want hot chocolate to drink. If you give Gabriel hot chocolate before Mary she’ll freak, tip back and break one of our barstools. If barstools cost $300 you’ll put off buying a new one until they go on sale. If the barstool goes on sale you’ll order a new one. When the barstool comes you’ll ask your supposedly responsible 13 yo to unpack it. If your 13 yo unpacks the barstool with his friend they’ll start shredding the styrofoam blocks. When mommy sees bits of styrofoam flying she’ll send you outside to play. Twenty minutes later when mom goes outside and Stefan and Spencer have spread styrofoam all over the patio, mom isn’t happy. Mom suggests you get the shop vac and clean up the mess. If you are Stefan you’ll get the blower instead of the shop vac. Blowing the styrofoam outside looks like a snowstorm. Wheeeeeee! Gabe and Mary get all excited and come inside asking for hot chocolate. This time, mom gives Mary hot chocolate first!

Epilogue– After several days of cleaning we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we will have bits of styrofoam in the yard for the rest of our natural lives.

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  1. Mitchell Family

    August 6, 2007

    I’m so jealous of your rain. I miss rain so much. I can’t remember the last time it rained here. Ruth

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