thanks and farewell

Words can’t express my appreciation for the love showered on my family this week. Bless you all.

The funeral was beautiful and perfect– I’ll write about it someday. But for now, I am fragile and exhausted. My body fills like I’ve run a marathon every day for a week, but with tears rather than sweat.

I’m so, so grateful for everyone, but I don’t feel like talking right now. This afternoon I’m putting Erik and the 4 older boys on a plane to Paris.

Gabe, Mary and I will stay with my Dad and siblings this weekend and then join them in Paris on Tuesday— my Dad will join us Saturday in Munich and spend the last week with us. So yes, it all worked out perfectly.

I doubt I’ll blog while I’m gone– maybe. I just feel very, very quiet. And I realize now that much of the reason I blogged so faithfully for the last two years was my way of keeping my mom updated on our life. She loved this blog and always praised me for my work on it.

Bless you, thank you, may God keep you.

June 16, 2009
June 22, 2009



  1. Annie

    June 19, 2009

    Bon voyage and godspeed to you all.
    We’ll be here when you get back.
    Or when you’re ready.

  2. Linn

    June 19, 2009

    He already has blessed me. With a wonderful friend like you. Enjoy this quiet time. You are loved.

  3. Blue

    June 19, 2009

    Michelle will there be a memorial in Utah too? I’ve been wondering when you were going to return from san diego. i’m sure the funeral was wonderful. i’m guessing you flew home last night or today?

    i’m happy to hear you’ll still be able to go on your trip to Europe. it will be good to get away and experience a change of scenery i think.

    We’re going out of town too, so it’ll be a while before we are back in the same space. I think that taking the time you need right now to just sit with your feelings and let them flow without trying to think, articulate, and be your brilliant, amazing self for the world is a great idea. i’m learning about grief and grieving right now. i’ve been taught that the less i think about it in my head, and the more i allow myself to feel my feelings, the better. that’s how it works. or so i’ve been told. it’s hard work. but we are strong.

    you are dear. you are loved.

  4. Mama

    June 20, 2009

    Michelle, I am so glad you will be getting to goto Europe after all. I think your soul might need the change of pace.

    Can I gently suggest that you keep blogging, when you re ready, and maybe by sending your heart and soul out into the world, you will continue to speak to your mom? I really think the world needs your blog.

    Please give big hugs to all your boys, big and small, and little Mary too.


  5. ashli

    June 20, 2009

    oh michelle…. i long to talk with you and hear your heart. Please know that when you are ready, i will always be right in your back yard. have so much fun and we will catch up when you get home…. hopefully, refreshed, renewed and on your way through the healing process.
    love you always!

  6. Glazier5

    June 21, 2009

    Michelle, according to the “Greer Laners” every single one of you gave an amazing tribute to your Mother and it was one of the most beautiful funerals they had ever attended. I wish I could have been there! Enjoy your trip…I’m glad your Dad can join you.

  7. sarah

    June 25, 2009

    oh, just soak in this time with the ones you love most.

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