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Dear Xander and Lizzy,

Before I tell you about Thanksgiving, I have to tell you that we saw ‘Wonder’ this week and it was INCREDIBLE, Daveed Diggs is awesome; it’s funny and sad and beautiful.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was Thanksgiving! We started making pies on Wednesday, we were a little slow getting out the door to go grocery shopping, but by 1:30pm we were elbow-deep in pie. By 5:00 we had almost finished our 14 masterpieces, apple(x2), key lime, lemon shaker, pecan(x2), banana(x2), chocolate almond mousse, 3 little blackberry (but, that only counts as one), chocolate mousse, pumpkin and this year’s new exciting adventure, cookie dough ice cream. Today at lunch there was a girl exclaiming at how many pies they had– 7–hahaha!

Thanksgiving really was wonderful, that morning we all exercised, even though we were extremely sore from standing up and making pies all day as well as giggling our way down every aisle in the grocery store the day before. We came home, finished up pies, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (made by Hans, with some help from Gabe) and rolls. I wish that there were more leftovers, but don’t worry, we decided to have another mini Thanksgiving on Sunday.

At Thanksgiving dinner, we all made sure to give credit where it was due as we requested various foods to be passed along the table. “Can you please pass the stuffing, made by Sammie and Mary?” “The cranberry sauce, made by Mom?”

Me, mom, Sammie and Heather ended the day by writing everything that we were grateful for on the table, it’s now covered with different words, ranging from “eternal life”  to “my new workout app.”

This week I only went to one day of school, due to Thanksgiving break and a sick day.

Alright, I talked about Thanksgiving, now it’s time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

We drove up to the forest on Saturday, made the traditional stop to look at the sign in the ranger station window telling us to go to the gas station to get the permit, nobody cried during our traditional snowball fight and nobody peed their pants on the way home! Success! We also found the perfect tree within 3 minutes of walking, carried around dead aspens, had a pretty crazy snowball fight, threw snowballs at mom’s camera and feared for our lives as the tree was falling down. The rest of the day was spent as it should be, making 3 runs to the grocery store for more lights, reading Christmas stories, blasting the Christmas tunes and, of course, decorating the tree.

Have a good week!! I love you all!!! Be safe and happy!!




November 21, 2017



  1. Anne Marie

    December 4, 2017

    14 pies!! That is the very best way to celebrate Thanksgiving! So much delicious goodness and love and joy here. Mary, Xander and Lizzy are very lucky to have you give them all the updates and news. Very nicely done

  2. Katie W

    December 6, 2017

    Mary is such a talented writer! I especially love the image of “giggling down the aisles!”

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