The Amazing Benny-boy!

First, a couple funnies(but I really don’t feel funny today):

Me-“How was school Hans?”

“I guess I didn’t learn enough. They’re making me go back again tomorrow.”

And then Gabriel pestered everyone to help him find “top boxes” so that he could win a prize in school. It took us half the day to realize he meant “box tops.” 🙂

Ben called me at 7:30 this morning shortly after arriving at school. “Mom, I forgot that I need to turn in $100 today for orchestra. Can you bring it up here?”

I’m thinking– great, another $100 check.

“Just go up to my desk and there’s a wooden box with all my money in it. Do you mind bringing it up to school right now?” Um, no problem.

“Ben is that a CD playing in the background? It’s amazing!”

“No that’s just our orchestra, Mom.”

So I scurry up to his room to get the cash. His orchestra is going to Chicago in the Spring and it’s a $700 trip. I used my Skymiles to buy his plane ticket and that brought the cost down to $380. He agreed to earn the rest. But somehow I thought he might need an advance on the money. I don’t really look at Ben’s desk much– it’s a great big one. Erik used to have it in his office and gave it to Ben when we moved here. I was amazed to see how organized it is. It’s full of stuff but everything has a place, a meaning and a purpose. He has little yellow sticky notes all over reminding him to “Study Chapter 3 for AP test,” “Read Old Testament”(yeah, that’s just one sticky), “Ref Soccer Game-Sat. 9-11,” “Bring $100 Friday for Orchestra.”

His little box was full of cash. He mows lawns and referees soccer games for spending money but he rarely spends it. Occasionally he goes to a movie with friends or buys a treat. I’m sure this will change when he turns 16, starts dating and needs gas money; but it’s nice to see what good habits he has.

Ben really is a good kid. He does his own laundry, studies w/out being told, rides his bike to school, listens to clean music and makes his younger siblings laugh. It took him a long time to find a group of friends but now he hangs out with the nicest kids.

Oops, I just had to interrupt this lovely ode to Ben to scold him about turning down a good viola job tomorrow!

The only real friction in my relationship with Ben right now is driving. He has his learner’s permit so he pesters me constantly to drive. If we are not in too big a hurry(we’re always in a hurry), I’ll give him the wheel. Yeah, it’s like eating hot coals. Suddenly every telephone pole seems to be inches from the car, all the other cars on the road look like lunatics and the lanes are just simply too narrow. Ben is a decent driver but not smooth– it’s speeding or braking every minute. I grab the handles and hang on for dear life. Inevitably I gasp or yell “Watch out!” and then he gets all peeved with me and we travel in silence.

“Ben, you’re driving me crazy!”

“Well Mom, that’s a short drive!”

September 20, 2007
September 22, 2007



  1. StubbyDog

    September 22, 2007

    Sounds like one of those moments when we can say to ourselves as mothers, “I must be doing something right”. *hugs*

  2. Bonnie

    March 16, 2008

    That’s so neat that Ben plays the viola! I do too. They aren’t nearly as popular as violins and cellos and all…

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