Drinking out of the toilet

I came home from running today and walked into my bathroom to the beautiful sight of Xander cleaning the toilet. Ah, is there anything more lovely than seeing someone besides me cleaning, vacuuming or doing dishes?

A few minutes later I heard Erik yell, “OK, Xander. The inside of the toilet looks beautiful. It’s so clean I’m tempted to put my head in there and take a nice long drink– but the outside needs to be cleaned too.”

He then went through the long and boring list of exactly how to clean a toilet. Phew, just glad I could stay out of that. A few times a year we hold bathroom cleaning “workshops” where we discuss every exciting detail of keeping the bathroom free of mold and disease; but inevitably, the bathrooms are pretty filthy.

I checked on Hans who was cleaning the basement. “Oh, we haven’t started cleaning yet mom, but I made up an awesome game aaaaand,” he paused for effect, “we’re all getting along.”

He knew that was the golden ticket since the only gift on my list for Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day for the past 15 years is for the kids to get along. Really, how could I argue with him? I’ll make them clean it up the next time they get in a big fight.

I found Gabriel to ask how his soccer game went. “Great! We had bananas, cookies and fruit punch!”

“Um, OK. But how ’bout the game?”

Erik interrupted and said, “I had to pull him off the playground to play and when he finally got in the game he ran around with his shirt pulled over his head.”

“I could still see!” Gabriel defended himself.

“And of course the rest of the team had to copy Gabriel, so soon the entire team was running around with shirts over their heads. Coach Dave was not pleased.”

Erik’s has a new plan to run for the legislature for the sole purpose of outlawing underage soccer– SCROOGE!

September 21, 2007