“The battle today, between Babylon and Zion, is being waged between the synapses of our brains.”

This is Cath. And this is her life (though usually not so colorful and shiny). Five little miracles: Eliza- 7, Ali and Sam- age 5, Gordon and Spencer- age 3. All in-vitro babies (Cath is very open about this) and all wild little munchkins. One of the most thoughtful and deliberate mothers I know, Cath constantly strives to to better herself, to find the right path for herself and her children.


Her job is HARD. Just the physical demands are enough to exhaust the strongest among us, but her children are also wildly creative, each with unique talents and needs (be sure to about the night they cut their hair, lathered the boys in lotion and used the kitchen table as a slip and slide). Hmm, I just described mothering in general. But most of us have a a year or two between each child.

At least once a week, Cath and I run the canyon together where I have the privilege of hearing her thoughts and inundating her (poor Cath) with my problems. I’m often amazed a pure and wise soul such as hers will put up with me. She is a true gift. A beautiful writer, you’ll probably love Cath’s blog as much as I do.

Last year, Catherine attended an event where Tina Peterson spoke on the scriptures and our crazy modern society and how to hear the voice of God. The next week Cath excitedly shared the highlights with me and I begged her (for several weeks) to write what she’d learned.  I feel pretty good about that begging because Catherine’s write-up led to another event and more insights.

You can read both Catherine’s posts here:

The Battle in Our Brains

Your Own Tree of Life Vision

Not just Mormons, but any follower of Christ will benefit from these ideas. Our world is so frantic and media-filled (if I get brave I will write my opinions on iPhones and iPods and video games one day); we need the calming and centering effect of ancient scripture. As my friend Judi quoted yesterday, “A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”-Charles Spurgeon

While Cath received a lot of attention for the first write-up, the response to the second was a bit more muted. Why? Because it discusses hard subjects– truly knowing God’s will for each of us.

Admittedly, I don’t study the scriptures the way I once did or the way my children do, but I want to.  I want to be centered and peaceful, not ‘falling apart’ and I want to follow God’s path for me, no matter how steep or terrifying the way.



  1. Sarah

    October 3, 2012

    Hi Michelle, I know you don’t know me. But I just love the beautiful family you’ve created and enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks for posting these links. Very thought provoking! I would LOVE a post from you on your thoughts regarding iPhones, iPads, ect. I am in the process of trying to decide whether to jump in and get an iPhone. Curious what you have to say about it. Thanks !!

  2. Tracy

    October 4, 2012

    I love Cath – and I love that picture. Off to make sure I read both of her pieces. xoxo

  3. Cath

    October 5, 2012

    Oh Michelle, I’m just barely seeing this. My goodness. You are too kind. If anyone benefits from wisdom and a listening ear on our canyon runs, it’s me. You know how much I look up to you. I think you explained the Tree of Life post perfectly. It centers around one of the most challenging aspects of mortality – knowing god’s will for us. While I too struggle with this, Tina’s insights have elevated my faith and understanding, helped me realize we CAN know. I love you sweet friend. For so many reasons. xo

  4. Heather

    October 9, 2012

    I love your blog and Cath’s. I don’t know either of you personally, but your blogs have both been a catalyst for change and trying a little harder in my life. I love the type of mothers you both are. I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts on iPads, iPhones, etc!

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