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OK, some of you might find this tiresome. I only post this because I’m pretty sure our high school has one of the most complicated, competitive, way-too-long class officer/student body officer campaigns in the country, if not the world. And today’s the only day I can write this post because until today Xander and Jesse’s video was secret and tomorrow they announce the results which means writing this post would be either way-too-sad or way-too-smug. And I’m so nervous. So nervous.

It begins with a meeting the first week of February, piles of paperwork, and teacher evaluations and then, if you pass– you can create posters. And if they pass you may hang two ¬†22″x28″ and one 4×14′ banners in the school hallways.

It’s hard to see from this photo– but that T-rex is about 6′ long– all constructed from 8×11″ pieces of paper from my printer (our poor ink cartridges).

Next, interviews with teachers/administration/PTA etc.

And a month of waiting.

Then whistle stops– 30 second live spots– followed by a primary election. Yes, we have primaries. You can watch the whistle stops here if you like. 2nd one in.

Happily, they made it past the primaries.

So, three more posters, one more banner, another month and a two minute video (which everyone saw in an assembly today).

Just in case you want to see the banner up close…based on a 1943 Batman comic.

Another month of waiting and today, the election assembly where every candidate plays their two-minute video. Here’s Xander and Jesse’s.

Xander & Jesse SBO Pres. & V.P. from Michelle Lehnardt on Vimeo.

So there it is. Maybe I’ll have witty descriptions tomorrow, but today, I’m a bundle of nerves. The two girls they’re running against are just lovely (you can spot them in the first whistle stop), so Skyline will be in good hands either way.

p.s. and if you think our video is good, check out Faith’s INCREDIBLE video starring her entire family and filmed/directed/produced by her filmmaker brother-in-law Sam Featherstone.

Faith Election video REAL from Sam Featherstone on Vimeo.

April 24, 2016



  1. Kay

    April 21, 2016

    These campaigns are great! My mom stumbled across your blog about a year ago and now I read it more than she does haha! And SBO campaigns are SO. IN. TENSE. I ran for an sbo spot at my high school this year and we find the results out tomorrow. Best of luck to you both!:) (And the posters are awesome!)

  2. Emi

    April 22, 2016

    And… To add to the craziness, no other kids from the school can be in the videos? Did I hear that right?


      April 24, 2016

      You’re right. No other kids from the school allowed.

  3. Alicia J

    April 23, 2016

    Such a clever campaign slogan and video! I would love to know if he won.

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