the dairy farm

As a little girl I dreamt of living in New England(my dad is from Boston). I wore out my Harvard sweatshirt and committed Louisa May Alcott books to memory. As an adult that dream has shifted between New England, Germany/Austria and Hawaii(especially in winter!). Life has kept me right here in Utah, and looking through a camera lens helps me see all the beauty that is right out my front door– mountains, fields, orchards, magnificent buildings, quaint abandoned farmhouses, the red rocks of Southern Utah and glorious salt flats.

And often,the most beautiful sights are right under my nose.

So when I need a fix of a pilgrim graveyard or an incomparable Vienna cityscape I turn to my friends Alyson at New England Living and Maralise at The Reluctant Nomad. I think I need a Hawaii blogging friend. Any suggestions? Preferably someone who likes visitors. 😉

Now let’s take a look at beautiful Northern Utah…

My friend Sara invited me to take family photos at her sister’s dairy farm in Coalville. The farm is a serene little paradise and photographer’s playground. Think I can talk my kids into heading back up there for my birthday?

look at those gorgeous boys!– kinda makes you want to raise your kids on a farm.

love this! Grandma is from New Zealand and has the most charming accent and manners. Do you see the six month baby bump on the left? Another beautiful baby on it’s way.

warming up inside

incredible baby Luke

The calf stall is like a big ole softbox– even Mary struck up courage to pet the calves.

January 21, 2009
January 24, 2009



  1. Tracy

    January 23, 2009

    Just lovely, Michelle. You have such a gift.

  2. Sara Jane

    January 23, 2009

    We just LOVE the photos and the lady with the incredible talent behind the camera. Thanks for capturing some fun moments. I hope you do make it up to the dairy for your birthday. Your kids would love it!

  3. Jeanelle

    January 23, 2009

    Fantastic pictures, as always. My fave is the first one of the little boy with the calf. Beautiful! My youngest sister lives in Hawaii but she’s moving back to Washington soon. Can you get there before April?? 😉 I’ve been twice in the last 18 months – pure heaven!

  4. Linkous

    January 24, 2009

    Sweet Bokeh shots Michelle! Whenever we need a pick me up we love to scroll through all of your amazing pics that capture so much love, joy, and magic.Can’t wait for Mary’s party, Ryn was jumping all over the house today she is so excited! See you tomorrow!

  5. katherine

    January 24, 2009

    WONDERFUL pictures as usual.

  6. Bonnie

    January 25, 2009

    Speaking of Hawaii, my mom is there RIGHT NOW!!! And she’s staying with her sister, who has a blog – but she doesn’t write that often. I don’t really know if she loves visitors; you’ll have to ask my mom about that.

    Fantastic pictures! 😀

  7. go boo boo

    January 25, 2009

    Your pictures continue to be so beautiful!

  8. Crazy Lady

    January 27, 2009

    love the pictures, I’m friends with Sara and was so excited to see them.

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